Hi, I’m Arthur.

Not that I’m one to brag, but I’m ‘amazing’ with data and information' and like lots of us at Team Powergrid, I just love a spreadsheet….!

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I’ve worked as an Analyst for the last four years, I spend my day reviewing operational data and comparing it with our satisfaction scores. Because of this I know that customers prefer to have their planned power cuts on a week day, they get frustrated if we turn them off before we say we will and I know that if we let them know we are running late getting their power back on, they are usually fine.

I also know that customers prefer a letter as a method of advance warning of a planned power cut and they really like the text reminders that we send. They are also more forgiving of some planned power cut reasons than others; they don’t seem to mind essential maintenance, but connecting someone like Mrs Miggins to the network is definitely less popular!