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Energy Storage Projects

Northern Powergrid has a wealth of experience in assessing connections proposals for energy storage projects.  In order to help you receive both accurate and timely budget or firm connection offers, we want to share our knowledge.

We have made connection offers for hundreds of projects at voltages from 11kV to 132kV and are looking forward to helping two customers connect their projects that have recently been awarded Enhanced Frequency Response contracts by National Grid within our licence area.

  • What storage capacity can I connect at what Voltage?

    This is a frequently asked question and from the many network studies we have completed, generally we have found that the following capacities are able to be connected:

    • 11kV – no more than 3MW
    • 33kV – no more than 20MW
    • 66kV – no more than 50MW
    • 132kV – no more than 100MW


  • Voltage step change

    Assuming there is network capacity in terms of import for charging and export for your energy storage facility, the next most significant consideration is voltage step change.  National policy (Engineering Recommendation P28) limits the acceptable step change to 3%.  This parameter together with ramp rate, is often the factor that limits the capacity of connection we are able to offer you. 

  • Connections applications form data

    We continue to receive a significant number of applications for energy storage and find that often the following information either missing or incorrect.  Apply now using our Energy Storage System Application form.

     To avoid your quotation been delayed please ensure you provide the following:

    • Site plan to an appropriate scale, showing the substation position and access
    • Information on the operating regime - i.e. time to step from full import to full export
    • Ramp rates
    • Type of connection arrangement (Firm or Unfirm)
    • Operation and management information if the battery and other generation is to be combined
    • Single line diagram/schematic diagram
    • Electrical characteristics of the proposed plant - i.e. impedance values, fault contribution


  • Generation Heat Maps

    When considering the location of your project, please refer to our generation heat maps. These interactive maps indicate where export capacity is and isn’t available without major reinforcement.  As an energy storage project effectively becomes a generator the heat maps are a useful tool.  The duration and high cost of network reinforcement will often make a storage project unviable.  It is often worthwhile also reviewing our Long Term Development Statement, LTDS, to assess the likely availability of load capacity.