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Multiple Application Optioneering

By listening to our customers’ feedback, we understand how important it is, in particular for generation customers, to be able to consider multiple connection options with us as part of the preparation of a firm quotation.

Rather than having to submit multiple requests for different sized connections at the same site, we offer an enhanced process where customers can submit a request for a firm quotation, securing themselves a place in the quotation queue, but which enables us to optioneer the final connection solution together. 

The steps in our multiple optioneering process are as follows:

  1. The customer submits multiple enquiries for a single site.
  2. The enquiries are processed as single applications, minimum information is confirmed and the guaranteed standard is applied.
  3. The Northern Powergrid point of contact will contact the customer to discuss the requirements of the connection and confirm if they want to proceed with the multiple application optioneering process, which can then be initiated.
  4. If the customer does not wish to progress with the multiple optioneering process then all of the individual applications can continue as separate enquiries to receive individual firm quotations.
  5. If the customer wants to proceed with the multiple optioneering process, then a discussion is held regarding the possible and actual requirements, together with network availability and constraints.
  6. The customer is then provided with budget prices for a number of options or maximum capacity available without significant reinforcement - normally at EHV - as agreed with the customer during the initial discussions. This response will be provided as soon as is practicable, in between 20 and 40 working days depending upon the number of applications made. The customer will be advised of the estimated time that the costs/options will be provided.
  7. The customer is given 10 days to decide which, if any option, they wish to have progressed into a firm quotation.
  8. Northern Powergrid then proceeds to prepare and issue a firm quotation, as soon as practicable, but within the remaining period of the guaranteed standard.
  9. This process is carried out under a guaranteed standard. During the time that the customer takes to decide which of the options considered they want to have progressed into a firm quotation, the guaranteed standard clock is paused in line with existing rules, and whilst we await further information from the customer.


The multiple optioneering process is available to all customers who are submitting multiple HV and/or EHV applications where optioneering may be required.  We hope by having this process in place, we can ensure that the customer can secure a place in the quotation queue whilst optioneering is underway, and in doing so minimise the overall amount of work carried out by both parties to prepare the required quotation.

Our multiple application optioneering process is available to all connections customers and we will discuss how to apply it with the customer once they make the initial application.