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The winning Elf and Safety design-450.jpgNorthern Powergrid, the company that keeps the lights on across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, has added safety to this year's Christmas list as thousands of pupils finish school for the festive break.

The company is calling on parents and guardians across the region to help spread vital safety messages this festive season by talking to their children about the potential dangers of electricity.

The electricity distributor wants people to be aware that retrieving items yourself from substations or Northern Powergrid’s network is extremely dangerous. If someone spots anything potentially unsafe they must call the company’s 24-hour emergency contact centre team by dialling 105 and an engineering team will be sent out to help. 

Geoff Earl, Northern Powergrid’s Director of Safety, Health and Environment, said: “Over the coming weeks thousands of children across the region will be out and about with friends and enjoying their new Christmas presents.  It’s vital they know how to play safe and understand the dangers of climbing pylons or playing near overhead power lines and substations so they’re able to avoid potential dangers and keep themselves safe this Christmas.

“We do understand how busy this time of year can be for everyone but a simple two-minute chat by parents is all it takes to remind their children about the potential hazards and ensure they know what to do if they accidently kick their new football into a substation or spot something hanging from our power lines.”

To help youngsters understand the dangers of playing near power lines and substations and realise that interfering, accidentally or otherwise, with any part of the electricity network can potentially prove fatal, Northern Powergrid recently teamed up with author Chris Madeley to create a new book as part of the children’s safety series, the Cones.

The series, which magically brings traffic cones to life, uses adventure and excitement to engage young readers whilst carrying vital safety messages alongside messages about kindness, moral principles, helpfulness and understanding.

‘Cones and Electricity’, the fourth book in the series, focuses on safety around electricity with a clear ‘stay safe - stay away’ message for children. The story introduces Northern Powergrid’s safety mascot Vic Voltage to the Cones to teach them about electricity and how to stay safe.  Anyone wanting to buy a copy of Chris Madeley’s the Cones books can order it online on Amazon. 

Every year Northern Powergrid’s dedicated school safety officers visit thousands of school children to educate them about the dangers of electricity. To arrange a free school safety presentation in 2018 visit