Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid


Changes to your planned power cut

There are five main reasons why we may have to cancel a planned power cut or start/finish a power cut later than planned. These reasons are because of problems on the Network, Resourcing, Access issues, the weather or because of the impact on our customers.

The kind of issues we encounter are described below.

  • Problems on the network

    • A major incident has been declared and there is a large part of the network which isn’t     performing as normal

    • There are a large number of urgent unforeseen faults being dealt with by the Control Team who are not able to programme non urgent outages on the network

    • There is an unforeseen technical issue on the network


  • Resourcing problems

    • Our engineers have be reallocated to a unforeseen large fault on the network

    • The lead engineer or members of the team are sick and unable to report for work

    • A vehicle has broken down or necessary technical equipment has become unavailable

  • Access problems

    • We have been refused access to land necessary to perform the work which would have facilitated the planned power cut

    • Gates/building we need to access are locked and we are unable to contact the person to provide access

  • Customer reasons

    • In very rare occasions we may not have notified every customer about the planned power cut and it would not be fair to go ahead with the power cut

    • Sometimes the time or length of the power cut may not be convenient for customers. Where possible, we will explore whether we are able to carry out the work at an alternative time 

  • Weather related issues

    • Extreme weather that has our resources allocated to other parts of the network to restore power to a large proportion of customers

    • Extreme weather where we feel it would not be appropriate to leave customers without power for a period of time e.g. very low temperatures