Northern Powergrid


Annual Stakeholder Report

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ASR.JPGYou can see a snapshot of our performance here and can access the underlying data excel format here.

We’re committed to delivering more for less for our customers in everything we do - in short that means doing everything we can to improve the quality of our services while always keeping an eye on the cost of those services. The only way to do that is to focus our attention on what matters most to our customers.

We set ourselves some challenging targets for the 2015-2023 period – including delivering 20 per cent shorter and eight per cent less power cuts, cutting accident rates by 50 per cent and reducing our carbon footprint by ten per cent - and this report outlines what we’re doing to meet those targets and how we’re progressing.

We’re delighted to report that we’re either on target or ahead of target in the vast majority of areas across the business. In those areas where we’re slightly behind where we’d like to be, we’re confident of hitting our agreed targets.


Last year was, for the second year running, our best ever in terms of accident rates and we’re well on the way to halving our overall accident rate by 2023. We also achieved our best ever network reliability, hitting all four of our Ofgem targets across the north east and Yorkshire. We’re very proud that we managed to achieve this in a year where our region was hit by two major weather incidents – Storms Desmond and Eva.

When it comes to customer satisfaction our goal is to be one of the leading network operators. Last year we ranked fifth out of six but we’re making great strides and as it stands, we sit second.

We also promised to develop our connections business and that’s exactly what we’re doing, with big improvements already seen in customer satisfaction. And we recorded a strong performance in environmental protection, meeting our headline targets in oil loss to the ground and reducing our carbon footprint.

The picture is equally rosy when it comes to another of the key parts of the business – innovation. We’re supporting the smart meter roll out and work to lay smart grid foundations on our network is well underway. We’re committed to creating a smarter power grid that can deliver the best possible service to our customers.

And that service should come at the right price so that’s why we were more than true to our word last year, with a price cut of 15 per cent – more than the high level target of ten per cent.

We’ve made a really positive start but we know there’s plenty of work still to be done over the next eight years.