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Alternative communications

If you need help to communicate with us…

You may have difficulties with your eyesight or hearing, or you may wish to talk to us in a language other than English. Whatever way you need to communicate with us, we’ll find the best way to stay in touch.

Joining our Priority Services Membership means that we are able to

  • give you a special phone number to use, so you always get straight through when you need us.
  • talk to you in way that's best for you i.e. telephone, email or text
  • keep you as informed as possible during a power cut.
  • talk to you about your individual needs.

We can also keep you informed using alternative formats.

Blind or partially sighted

If you or someone you care for is visually impaired, we can provide you with useful information in large print, Braille, or audio formats. You can also use the Browse Aloud feature of our website.

Deaf, hard of hearing or speech difficulties

If you or someone you care for is deaf or hard of hearing, let us know. We can contact you by text message, text-phone or via an NRCPD registered British Sign Language interpreter.

If you'd like to use British Sign Language to contact us, please use our InterpreterLive! service.

How to contact us if there is a power cut – BSL translations

Difficulty communicating in English

If you need to contact us, but don’t speak English very well, call us on 0800 389 8204, stating your preferred language.

Aby omówić swoje wymagania w języku polskim, zadzwoń pod numer 0800 389 8204

اذهب لاصتالا ءاجرلا مكبلاطم عيمج يف ثدحتلل يديس / يتديس

اركش 08003898204 : مقرلا

हिन्दी में आपकी आवश्यकताओं पर चर्चा के लिए ०८००३८९८२०४ पर कॉल करें ।

0800 رپ لیاد رکے 389 ےراب ییم تاب رکےنےک ےیل 8204

پآ ےک تایرورض ےک


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Would you or someone you know benefit from receiving additional support during a power cut?