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Competition in Connections

We are not the only company who can provide a quotation for your new connection; you have a choice whether to accept a quotation from us or look elsewhere. You can compare our prices and service levels with other companies, called Independent Connections Providers (ICP’s), who also provide connections services and decide who is best for you. The work that independent Connections Providers (ICPs) can do is known as 'contestable' work. ICPs must be accredited by the Lloyds Register National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) in order to carryout contestable works. We actively promote competition in connections and are committed to maintaining an environment which independent companies can compete freely and fairly to undertake contestable works. We are working collaboratively with independent companies to extend contestability further. You can find out more about accredited independent connections providers who are active in our area by visiting our alternative providers register or to view an exhaustive list of all ICP’s please visit Lloyd’s Register NERS website.

The Competition in Connections Code of Practice

In June 2014 Ofgem launched a review of the market for new electricity connections. Following their findings, Ofgem tasked all Distribution Network Operators (DNO’s) with developing a Code of Practice in consultation with stakeholders, this was done through the Electricity Networks Association (ENA). Ofgem have approved this Code of Practice on 16th July 2015 with an implementation date of the 1st October 2015.

Under the Code of Practice DNO’s will be required to:

The Competition in Connections Code of Practice can be found here

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