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Connection Offer Expenses

Since April 2018, we have charged major works customers a fee for the costs associated with preparing budget estimates, feasibility studies and connection offers to drive efficiencies and ensure fairer allocation of costs.

Previously and irrespective of the complexity or number of applications made, the costs we incurred when producing connection offers were not charged to the individual making the application, they were recovered from customers who accepted a connection offer and proceeded with the work. This approach led to significant numbers of connections applications that did not proceed.

When applying for a connection, customers are advised of the requirement to pay Connections Offer Expenses (also known as A&D fees) so they can then make an informed decision about whether or not to proceed.  If they choose to go ahead, they will be charged a fee for the design and assessment work we carry out when preparing their offer.

Further information on how, when and why fees are applied can be found in our Connection Offer Expenses Guide

  • Guide to our Connection Offer Expenses

    When applying for a new connection, customers will be advised of the requirement to pay a fee in advance, so that they can make an informed decision before we start work. When we complete our design work we will send an invoice for the Connection Offer Expenses incurred. Our guide explains the process in more detail and sets out our fees.

  • Before you make an application

    We have a range of online tools and resources available on our website that can help you to perform your own upfront assessments before making an application.

  • Single Point of Contact

    We allocate you a single point of contact who is a design expert. They will support you throughout the quotation process and will contact you within five days of receiving your enquiry to confirm your requirements, explain the process and discuss the applicable Connection Offer Expenses.

  • Connections Surgeries

    For upfront advice and support before you making an application,  you can book an appointment at one of our monthly connections surgeries here.    


    Our Connection Offer Expenses reflect the costs of providing connections offers and remain in accordance with regulatory requirements and in line with industry levels. We only recover costs that we have reasonably incurred for providing these services and we do not make a profit on the fees we charge. Our guide explains the process in more detail and sets out our fees.

  • Cancellations and subsequent offers

    If you cancel your application during the five working day 'cooling off' period, you will not be charged. If you cancel after the cooling off period, you will be charged for the expenses we have incurred and advised of the amount in our letter confirming the cancellation.  A separate invoice will be issued.

    Subsequent requests, where the requirements are exactly the same will incur a charge of 75% of the full fee. Where there are differences in your requirements or where the technical proposal or costs have changed, you will be charged the full Connection Offer Expenses.


    Customers will be charged Connection Offer Expenses for each new application that they make. Where customers require multiple options for the same site, we will be happy to provide a budget estimate for up to three different options. Our guide explains the process and sets out our fees.

  • Charges for ICPs and IDNOs

    Our Connection Offer Expenses reflect the reasonable costs we incur when completing the design and assessment work required to produce an offer. If an application is exactly the same as one we have received and quoted for previously, customers will only be required to pay 75% of the fee.