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Fast Track Electricity Storage Applications (G59/G99)


Northern Powergrid now offer a fast-track application process for connecting electricity storage devices that meet certain criteria. If your electricity storage scheme relates to a connection to a single premises where there is either an existing generation installation that conforms with G83 (G98) requirements and you want to install electricity storage or you are installing new generation and a new electricity storage device with two G83 (G98) type tested inverters, then you may be able to utilise the fast-track process.

  • Eligibility requirements

    • are you applying to connect at a single premises?
    • is the combined capacity of your generation and electricity storage devices less than 32A per phase?
    • is the individual capacity of each of your generation and electricity storage devices less than 16A per phase?
    • will your export capacity be limited to a maximum of 16A per phase via an export limiting device that is compliant with G100?
    • will both your generation and electricity storage devices be prevented from operating in island mode, i.e. when there is no mains supply?
  • What happens next?

    If you answered 'No' to any of the eligibility requirement questions you will need to apply under G59/G99 using our online application process.

    If you answered 'Yes' to all of the eligibility requirement questions, you may proceed to the fast-track application. Download the form now and after completing return via email to