Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid


Getting Access to our Records

Our infrastructure supplies power to homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire. Our networks consist of overhead lines, underground cables and other connected equipment that can be situated both above and below ground.

We appreciate that the development work of others  can come close to, and often cross, this infrastructure. It’s therefore important we ensure the safety of those carrying out these works and facilitate an efficient system to give access to our records for those working in proximity to our equipment if required.

  • Distribution Network Records

    We currently have two different systems for our distribution network records; a VPN accessed GIS solution for our Yorkshire license area (which also contains limited asset attribute data) and a raster TIFF file download facility for our Northeast license area. 

    For further information on entering into an agreement to access the Yorkshire GIS system please contact

    For access to the North East Records please complete the Mains Record Agreement and return to

  • Asset Attribute Data

    We have two different systems holding asset attributes, both of which can be accessed via a VPN connection; AMP2 View for Northeast license asset attribute data and AR&V View for Yorkshire license asset attribute data (note; Yorkshire’s GIS system also contains limited attribute data). To obtain further information and request access please contact