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Powering Green Recovery

Northern Powergrid has identified locations across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire that would benefit from extra investment in the electricity network.   

This investment would be ‘ahead of need’ and intended to support green growth projects to come to fruition faster. It is part of a national Green Recovery Scheme to boost green growth, stimulate the economy and accelerate decarbonisation.

We identified 38 locations across our network that would benefit from accelerated network investment and sought feedback from stakeholders to inform and endorse our thinking.  We are now working with Ofgem to shortlist the potential investment sites. 

Documents and Resources

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Long List of Potential Investment Sites
We have a long list of 38 potential sites that are under consideration. Evidence is sought to determine which is the most viable.
Call for Evidence Questionnaire
Complete our call for evidence questionnaire and tell us why investment in network capacity in your area would support green growth and jobs.
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Energy Network's Association
Britain’s energy networks are working with Ofgem to unlock around £300m to support a green economic recovery.

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