Distributed Storage & Solar Study (NIA_NPG_011)

11 July 2017

Distributed Storage & Solar Study (NIA_NPG_011)

11 July 2017



Growing levels of PV penetration on the low voltage electricity network are increasingly causing issues to the distribution networks such as reverse power flow and voltage rise. Battery energy storage systems (BESS) may provide a solution for many of these issues, as well as for peak load growth associated with the increasing electrification of heat and transport.

Distributed Storage and Solar Study (DS3) is a monitoring and impact assessment project which will explore the potential for aggregator-controlled behind the meter storage to address these issues by providing peak-shaving capability and hence limiting reverse power flows and regulating voltages. The efficacy of behind the meter storage at mitigating the network issues associated with high penetration of PV will be compared to alternative solutions, such as batteries connected directly to the distribution network, trialled in the Customer-Led Network Revolution project

The project which monitors a cluster of 40 energy storage devices alongside 27 residential PV, will test whether the existence of the battery would allow for more residential PV before the need for network reinforcement by controlling the charging and discharging regimes of the storage devices.

Timescales: 8/2016 – 8/2019

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Distributed Storage & Solar Study (DS3)

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