Northern Powergrid

Northern Powergrid


The LTDS will assist existing and future users of the Northern Powergrid system to assess opportunities available for development projects that require new or additional connections. The LTDS is reviewed each year and is made available to stakeholders before the end of November. There is an interim update made to a number of the data tables included within the LTDS; this update is made available to stakeholders before the end of May. The LTDS is available free of charge. A separate LTDS is published for each licence area and these are compiled in accordance with Standard Condition 25 of the Electricity Distribution Licence.

The benefits that the LTDS brings to our customers and stakeholders are that it:

  • Improves the availability of information relating to the Northern Powergrid system;
  • Furnishes developers with sufficient information to carry out initial assessments of system capability;
  • Increases visibility of our current distribution system development proposals; and
  • Informs customers and stakeholders of the correct points of contact within Northern Powergrid for specific enquiries relating to the LTDS.

The LTDS provides:

  • A general summary of our network design policies and principles;
  • A geographic map detailing our 132kV and EHV systems;
  • Schematic diagrams detailing the connectivity and normal operating configurations of our distribution system;
  • Circuit data;
  • Transformer data;
  • Load information;
  • Fault level information;
  • Generation data;
  • An outline of authorised system development proposals;
  • The number of third-party enquiries for a connection in the past 12 months;
  • A look up table to enable Local Authorities to identify and assess the available capacity in their area; and
  • The location and feeding area of each of our primary substations.

The LTDS Summary (for both licence areas) can be accessed using the hyperlinks on this page for direct download. 

If you require access to the full LTDS for either licence area please email us at providing your company name and the reason(s) for requesting the information and we shall send you the information within 5 working days in a zip file.

We shall keep your contact information on file for one year, only for the purpose of keeping in touch with you regarding any interim updates to the LTDS or to occasionally seek your views on improvements to the LTDS.  If you wish your record be deleted earlier than these timescales, simply contact us at