Northern Powergrid



Energy Saving animationNorthern Powergrid has given people across the North East and Hull the opportunity to see energy saving advice that could help them reduce their electricity bills.

The campaign trialled a new digital animation which offers short, simple tips and advice to help customers save money on their energy bills and could be seen more than 3.8 million times.  Shared during the peak of the pandemic it also aimed to support local people who may be trying to save money on their bills whilst at home more or who may be struggling with their annual energy costs. 

The energy saving tips were also shared on the electricity distribution network operator’s own social and YouTube channels so people across all the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire could access it too. The success of the trial means that Northern Powergrid is now making plans to proactively push the information wider as part of a campaign across its operating area in early autumn.

Advice offered to help people reduce their annual bill from their chosen electricity supplier, includes:

  • switching off appliances at the socket
  • cutting showers by one minute (which also saves water)
  • using energy efficient bulbs across the home
  • hanging clothes out to dry in the summer instead of using a tumble dryer
  • turning down thermostats by one or two degrees, and
  • fitting loft insulation if there is none in your property.

Michelle Cummings, Northern Powergrid’s social responsibility manager, said:  “Our network related-charges are around 23p a day – which is about 14% of a domestic customers’ bills from their chosen electricity supplier, however, we do believe we have an important role to play in helping all our customers be energy smart and make savings on their overall electricity costs.

“We decided to trial proactively pushing our animation beyond our own channels and we’re pleased with the results so far. Millions of people have had the opportunity to see this advice and thousands of people have taken further steps to find out more about energy saving.

“We’re now looking at how we can get this message to more people across the communities we serve and support more customers through an autumn campaign.  We hope this will encourage some energy saving behaviours that will help more people reduce their overall bills and manage their energy costs across the year and beyond.”

To find out more about how Northern Powergrid powers peoples’ lives every day visit or follow the network operator on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Energy saving advice is also available by visiting