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Safety AnimationNorthern Powergrid's half-term campaign targeted parents and carers with crucial electricity network safety messages.

An animation campaign by Northern Powergrid, the company that powers everyday life for 8 million people, has helped spread electricity safety messages to thousands of people across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

With schools remaining closed to visitors due to COVID-19, the company responsible for the region’s power network is continuing to use animation to help parents and guardians ensure future generations know how to play safe, stay safe and understand the dangers of ignoring warning signs around electrical equipment.

The short animation, which ran across the October half-term week, called on local people to take a moment to talk to the young people in their life about the importance of not climbing poles and pylons, going into electricity substations or fishing or flying kites or drones near overhead power lines.

Whilst primarily directed at parents, the video was created in a way that meant it could be shared with children.

In just seven days the digital animation campaign was visible on social media more than 150,000 times and achieved more than 50,000 views. 

Northern Powergrid’s school safety presenter, Leena Markovic, said: “We’re committed to being a force for good and take our responsibility of sharing education about electricity safety and our network very seriously.

“With school visits not possible, we want to ensure we continue to get these important messages out into the communities we power. This animation is one way that we can encourage parents, guardians and teachers across the region to ensure the young people in their lives understand the importance of staying away and how to spot dangers which could be fatal if they stray too close to our equipment.”

Northern Powergrid is currently exploring emerging thinking on how it should deliver safety education in the future. The electricity network operator would welcome people’s views to help shape its plans so the company can continue to effectively deliver vital safety messages to a range of audiences from young people to the farming and road haulage communities.”

Northern Powergrid is also currently exploring the best ways it can support the communities it serves and powers in the future. Customers interested in sharing their views on everything from network reliability to decarbonisation and customer service can visit the company’s dedicated microsite to have their say and contribute to the building of the electricity network operator’s 2023-2028 business plan.

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