Northern Powergrid



AGE UK NORTH TYNESIDE STOCK PHOTONorthern Powergrid, the company that powers everyday life for 8 million people across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, has partnered with charity Age UK North Tyneside to make sure they know who might need extra support in a power cut.   

The electricity distributor teamed up with the Age UK North Tyneside to encourage those living in the local community who might find a power cut more challenging, to join its Priority Services Membership.

Michelle Cummings, Northern Powergrid’s Social Responsibility Manager, said: “Investment in our network means that for most people a power cut is extremely rare, but if the lights go out, we know that some of our customers may be more vulnerable than others. Partnering with Age UK North Tyneside means we can reach more people in the local community and ensure that everyone who needs it gets the extra support.”

Sonya Roe, Age UK North Tyneside’s Business Development and Marketing Manager said “We welcome working with an organisation like Northern Powergrid as it can help us provide our clients with information about support services that can make a difference to them.  Some older people may not know what to do in a power cut or have a health condition which means being without power could be much more than an inconvenience.  If Northern Powergrid is aware of these customers’ individual needs, they can do what is needed to avoid that inconvenience.”

Age UK North Tyneside has shared information about joining Northern Powergrid’s Priority Services Membership via 22,000 information packs given out to older people at local vaccination hubs and by sharing messages across its social media channels; as well as referring and helping their clients to sign up.

Northern Powergrid plans to widen its partnership with local Age UK’s by working with brand partners cross its distribution network area.

Becoming a Priority Services Member gives customers a direct dial to the 24/7 Powergrid Care team and members may also being able to access additional services during a power cut, including regular updates to keep them informed; a home visit to provide one-to-one support and assistance; hot meals and/or drinks provision; phone charging facilities and alternative accommodation, if staying at home is unsafe. To find out more about the benefits and how to become a Priority Services Member visit

Northern Powergrid, as part of its planning for 2023 and beyond, has recently launched its draft business plan in which it shares its commitment to be an energy industry leader and how it will be a force for good - including supporting people in vulnerable situations, in the communities it serves.

Over the coming months, Northern Powergrid will be engaging with its customers and other key stakeholders to understand if they agree and accept its proposals in readiness for submitting its final business plan for 2023-28 to the energy regulator, Ofgem, on 1 December 2021.