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Energy Saving animationA digital campaign by Northern Powergrid offering energy saving tips and advice has been rolled out across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire to support millions of customers.

The campaign, which was originally trialled across Newcastle and Hull and includes a short animation packed with money saving advice and a series of digital advice graphics, will run until the New Year. 

The electricity network operator, which is continuing to power peoples’ lives during the pandemic, decided to expand the campaign across its full operating area after the first campaign in the spring was seen more than 3.9 million times and led to more than 8,500 people seeking further energy advice.

As part of the trial campaign, Northern Powergrid also shared its energy saving advice on YouTube with more than 30,000 people viewing the network operator’s animation. The animation has now been viewed more than 100,000 times on the company’s YouTube channel.

Northern Powergrid took the learnings from the trial to shape the region-wide campaign and ensure it used those channels which had performed best when it came to sharing the advice and people taking action to find out more.

Catherine Harris, Northern Powergrid’s Consumer Vulnerability Manager, said:  “This year has undoubtedly being one of the most challenging for people and communities across our region. For some people being energy smart is much more than being environmentally conscientious – it can mean real and much needed financial savings for individuals or families who may be struggling due to their personal situation and the pandemic. Taking some of the small energy saving steps that we’ve been sharing could potentially help thousands of people reduce their bills from their chosen energy supplier.”

Catherine continued: “Regardless of who people to choose to buy their electricity from, it’s our network that delivers it to their door. We think that being a force for good goes beyond our network powering peoples’ lives and being there for customers 24/7 if they have an electricity emergency.  We want to play our part by sharing advice that can help make a real financial difference for many people when they need it most - as well as encouraging environmentally friendly energy smart behaviours that will help them now and in the future.”   

As part of Northern Powergrid’s commitment to be there for its customers, the company also has a Priority Services Membership which anyone who may need extra support in a power cut, due to their medical or personal circumstances, is able to join. To find out more about how to become a member visit

To view the animation click here.

Northern Powergrid is currently exploring the best ways it can support the communities it serves and powers in the future. Customers interested in sharing their views on everything from safety and network reliability to decarbonisation, customer service and being a force for good, can visit the company’s dedicated microsite to have their say and contribute to the building of the electricity network operator’s 2023-2028 business plan.