Northern Powergrid



Power cut 105 campaign mobile phoneNorthern Powergrid, the company responsible for the network that powers everyday life for 8 million customers, has reached out to the communities it serves to remind them of the free three digit 105 number to call in a power cut or if they have an electricity emergency.

The winter campaign, launched by the company which delivers electricity to 3.9 million homes and businesses across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire, was seen more than 10.3 million times by its customers between October to March.

Also as part of the network operator’s campaign it promoted the company’s website where customers can access an interactive map to report a power cut, get updates and find out more about Priority Services Membership which offers extra support and advice to customers who may be more vulnerable in a power cut due to their medical or personal circumstances. It also shared a winter readiness video which was viewed more than 250,000 increasing overall views to more than half a million in total since published.

Siobhan Barton, head of stakeholder relations at Northern Powergrid, said: "We want to play our part in helping more people remember 105 - the national free number to call in a power cut.  By promoting it more than 10.3 million times through our campaign we hope it will help more people be able to recall it the way they do other important three digit numbers like those for emergency services such as the Police, fire service and NHS.

“Because power cuts aren’t an everyday occurrence for people, thanks to our £3bn eight year (2015-23) investment programme, customers can forgot who to call if they actually have one. Also many customers still incorrectly turn to the company they buy their electricity from instead of us.  That’s why we, and other network operators, came together to create 105,  to deliver and fund a national number which automatically routes people to their local company responsible for the overhead power lines and underground cables that power their community and everyday lives.

“Now almost 70 per cent of calls to our local contact centre now come via 105 and we hope that our continued work to raise awareness of this number will help support more customers in the future.”

Northern Powergrid is there for its customers 24/7, 365 days a year.  Throughout the pandemic its teams have worked in and about local communities, carrying out important work. This includes managing and maintaining the network that power peoples’ lives, local businesses, hospitals and supermarkets and completing crucial new connections to support customers and local economies.

Its teams continue to use COVID-19 Secure working practices and robust operating protocols. As critical workers its day-to-day operations continue to play a vital part in powering the wider pandemic response, including key vaccine sites across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire.

Northern Powergrid’s 24/7 contact centre remains ready to provide advice and support to customers who call 105, the free, power cut number. Any customers who do have a power cut are encouraged to check Northern Powergrid’s online power cut map and reporting tool via their mobile, and can also use its 24/7 social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter (@NorthPowergrid) which provide updates and advice.

Customers who have a serious health condition, are medically dependent on electricity, of pensionable age, have very young children or have mental health or specific communication needs, and may need extra support in a power cut, are encouraged to consider signing up to Northern Powergrid’s free Priority Services Membership. Customers can sign up friends or family – as well as themselves – at any time by visiting or calling 0800 169 2996.