Northern Powergrid



PoweringOurLives animation-screengrab.PNGNorthern Powergrid’s digital animation campaign to recognise the people behind the electricity distribution network that is powering homes, hospitals and critical services across the North East, Yorkshire and northern Lincolnshire during the pandemic has reached some 1.3 million customers with more than one million people going on to watch it.

The ‘Powering our Lives’ campaign, which ran in two two-week bursts during the peak of the pandemic, highlighted how the network operator continues to work 24/7 to manage the infrastructure that keeps the electricity flowing to 8 million customers in 3.9 million homes and businesses.

The animation showed how Northern Powergrid continues to use industry leading working practices, based on expert medical advice, so it can keep its network of more than 63,000 substations and 60,000 miles of overhead and underground cables operating safely.  It also reminded customers that its people are key workers in their community and should only be approached in an electricity emergency, ensuring socially distancing is maintained.

Andy Bilclough, Northern Powergrid’s director of field operations, said: “Every day we flick light switches or connect to our Wi-Fi without a thought about how this happens. This campaign has helped illustrate our critical role in society, particularly during the pandemic, and shown how our people continue to do an excellent job when it comes managing the region’s electricity distribution network and safely powering our lives.

“Our robust operating protocols have meant that we’ve remained there for our customers throughout the peak of the pandemic and beyond into the next stages.  As we see lockdown gradually easing, we’ve reviewed our protocols so we can deliver our next key role; supporting economic recovery in the weeks and months ahead.

“Using our industry leading approach, we’re able to assess work such as major projects, investments, new connections and other non-critical business activities, which can now go ahead and help get the region back up and running whilst still ensuring our people and customers remain safe.”

The animation, narrated by nine-year old Amy Kerrigan, the daughter of one of Northern Powergrid’s key workers, continues to be shared on the network operator’s social media and YouTube channels.

Northern Powergrid’s network is operating as it should, despite the more challenging weather conditions over more recent days.  Its teams remain ready to respond should there be any bad weather which could impact on its network. Northern Powergrid is very grateful for the positive feedback it has received from many of its customers about the dedication and support provided by its people during some of the most challenging times the country has faced for decades.

Anyone needing support can contact the network operator 24/7 on social media (Facebook or Twitter @NorthPowergrid) or by calling 105.  Its website also provides information and advice to support customers if they have or need to report a power cut.

Any customers who may need additional advice or support due to their medical circumstances, or are still ‘shielding’ in line with government and public health advice, may wish to consider joining the company’s free Priority Services Register by visiting  or calling 0800 169 2296.

To find out more about how Northern Powergrid and its people are continuing to power the region during the pandemic visit or follow the network operator on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.